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+knickers-and-nicotine // AU

Mun Note: Each and every one of my RPs is basically separate from each other but I think this should be given distinction because in this RP, Charles doesn’t hate Sherlock Holmes (yet?). Sherlock is not a detective; ergo, he could not have helped in executing Charles’ father. I don’t know what’s going to happen exactly which makes it all the more fun! 

"For the nth time, I’m not here to model. I’m here to see someone." 

The woman looked at Charles as if he just said that he was a dinosaur with wings. He would have laughed hadn’t he been waiting far too long for his client to come out of the studio. Modeling. Common. Artists usually had a little love affair with drugs every now and then. 

Perhaps he shouldn’t use the word ‘little’. This client had been in Charles’ mind for quite some time now. Certainly he deserved some thought; he bought so much of the illegal substances that Charles dealt in. 

"His name’s-" Charles was cut off by the swinging of the studio door. And he saw, beneath the sharp cheekbones and icy blue eyes, that this was his man. 

"You must be Sherlock Holmes. I’m Charles Hilton."